• Afgelopen weekend opening nieuwe ADJ Atelier

    19 juli 2022

    Na alle werkzaamheden in de kou, regen en wind van de wintermaanden dan nu op een stralende zomerdag mijn nieuwe atelier kunnen openen.


    Bedankt iedereen en een mooie zomer gewenst.

    ADJ Studio


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  • ADJ workshop

    7 juli 2022

    Na de zomer:

    Een nieuwe workshop in het nieuwe ADJ atelier

    Landschap schilderen


    We beginnen met theorie over compositie, lijnvoering en kleur. Daarna naar buiten om schetsen te maken en foto’s te nemen. Dit gebruiken we om binnen verder uit te werken.


    Meer info: Schilderworkshop in september

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  • SOLD

    26 april 2022

    Mooie nieuwe plek in een gezellig atelier voor paneel uit de serie 'Circle of Life'.




    Elke cel van je lichaam maakt deel uit van een continue keten van celdelingen die vier miljard jaar teruggaat, helemaal tot aan de tijd dat de eerste levende cellen ontstonden. Het lichaam is niets meer dan een overlevingscapsule voor de genen, waarna het wordt weggegooid: het principe van de disposable soma.

    Every single cell of your body is part of a continuous chain of cell divisions that goes back four billion years, all the way up to the time when the first living cells came into existence. The body is nothing more than a survival capsule for the genes, after which it is thrown away: the principle of the disposable soma.


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  • Update

    8 maart 2022

    De afgelopen periode zijn er helaas maar weinig workshops in mijn atelier mogelijk geweest, vanwege de corona pandemie en beperkende maatregelen.

    Na een roerige tijd gaf deze verstilling en leegte mij ruimte voor nieuwe dingen. Zoals ze zo mooi zeggen: 'op de bodem van de put kun je je het beste afzetten'. 

    Met mijn man Marcel ben ik eind vorig jaar verhuisd naar het landelijke Langbroek. Dit ligt tussen Utrechtse Heuvelrug en Kromme Rijn gebied, met in de omgeving veel historische landgoederen en kastelen. 

    Vanaf volgende maand verhuist ook mijn atelier naar Langbroek. De voortgang van de bouw kun je volgen via mijn nieuwe Instagram account: Anneke de Jager

    Hier ga ik aan de slag met een nieuw project: ADJ projecten

    Ook is een schilderij in opdracht mogelijk. Meer info: in zee met ADJ

    En na de zomer weer nieuwe workshops. Voor data en tijden: ADJ Atelier

    Graag tot ziens!

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  • Putin, please stop this war

    1 maart 2022

    Picasso's Guernica is considered one of the most iconic paintings of military conflict.


    War starts with ideas, with ideology and imagery.


    In earlier days most people had no access to independent information, but that changed with the rapid rise of social media. By using algorithms, fake news increasingly competes with the impact of real news.

    Prior to the invasion of the Ukraine, pro-Russian online disinformation campaigners flooded the internet with images and videos depicting Ukraine as aggressors. Many misleading posts portray the Ukrainian government as corrupt, neo-Nazi, and Russophobic. Often these unsubstantiated claims are picked up and amplified by Russian state media which gives them further reach.

    Glasnost (openness) en Perestrojka (reform) were the magic words in the waning days of the USSR and, like other former Soviet Republics, Ukraine declared its independance in 1991. Putin called the breakup of the Soviet Union "the greatest geopolitical drama of the century”. He claims Ukraine to be part of ‘historic Russia’, which began in 988 in Chersonesos in Crimea, where Prince Vladimir of the Kievan Rus, was baptized as a Christian, who then also had his subjects baptized by immersing them in the Dnipro River. According to Putin, three sub-nations have developed from the Rus: the Great Russians, the Little Russians – as he calls the Ukrainians – and the Belarusians; historically one main group religiously, linguistically and culturally (Russkiy mir).

    The current crisis can be traced back to 2008, when Ukraine and Georgia had taken a first step in the NATO membership process. The Russian government reproached that, despite promises not to do so, NATO had expanded significantly into Eastern Europe. In the eyes of Russia, NATO has committed a breach of contract, putting Russian security at risk. 

    After centuries of bloodshed, foreign domination and internal strife, Ukraine now finds itself in a predicament between East and West. 

    The recent brutally suppressed protests in Belarus and Kazakhstan have shown that Russia does not tolerate opposition in its own backyard. Putin is increasingly ruthless against supporters of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and other opposition groups.

    In this political field of tension, Putin cannot afford to have a country next door that beckons so emphatically to freedom and prosperity, and in concrete terms also to EU membership.







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  • How do you change a society?

    27 januari 2022

    Every day a new 'metoo'-story comes out in the news, where men behave as predators on women as their due prey.  In 2020 I exhibited Circle of Life, a story in six triptychs, about how everything is in motion in a process of action and reaction. 



        TREE OF LIFE (2020)   

       CHANGE (2020)          



    How do you change a society?

    Change usually comes in small steps, as is the fight for equality between men and women. Since the 19th century, several feminist movements have focused on the age-old established discriminatory norms that normalize, accept and justify sexual violence against women and have forced women into a role of subordination.

    Patriarchal societies are evolutionarily new. They only came into existence about 12,000 years ago, with the agricultural revolution, when farmlands had to be worked with physical force and possessions such as land were handed over into the male line. 

    Paintings of Eve tempting Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, has influenced the position of women throughout the ages. Examples from the Bible were used to warn of the pernicious craftiness of women; with their 'weak nature' an easy prey for the devil.  Absolute low point was the period of persecuting 'witches'. Pieter Bruegel created the image of a witch with broom, kettle, fireplace and cat, which is still in use today.


    Change starts at the source.

    Raising children is complicated, because every child is different, with its own vulnerability, strengths, possibilities and shortcomings. It is important for your child's emotional welfare to let it choose its own toys, clothes or outline for the future.

    I've always been an advocate for a gender-neutral upbringing, but reality is unruly. Labeling boys and girls from a very young age is still very ingrained in our society (think of the current trend of a gender reveal party). 

    Let's give our children the space they deserve without labeling them right at the start of life as a young 'boy' or 'girl'.











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  • Workshop volwassene en kind: Schilder de ander

    24 november 2021

    Zaterdagmiddag 15 januari workshop ‘Schilder de ander’.

    Adres: Maarn Wijzer, dorpshuis De Twee Marken in Maarn.


    🌟Leuk om iemand cadeau te doen met de feestdagen!


    Vaak denken mensen dat ze niet creatief zijn, maar eigenlijk kun je het nooit fout doen. 

    Het proces van samen schilderen geeft rust en brengt je in contact zonder dat er veel woorden voor nodig zijn.

    Deze workshop is speciaal gericht op het samen schilderen van een volwassene met kind van ca. 9-13 jaar.

    De uitdaging tijdens deze workshop is om van twee aparte portretten samen een eenheid te maken.

    Informatie workshop 'Schilder de ander'

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  • The Netherlands and water: an age-old battle

    4 november 2021




















    The Netherlands and water: an age-old battle. 

    An expertise that will be of increasing value worldwide with rising sea levels.

    The Earth is now 1°C warmer that it was before the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century, which has led to more and more extreme weather events: heat waves, droughts and a succession of various irreversible changes, like sea level rise.

    The sea level rose about 20 cm in the 20th century, due to the expansion of seawater, the melting of glaciers and small ice sheets and the steady shrinking of the large ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. For the Netherlands, this is one of the most important consequences of global warming. Nine million Dutch live in the coastal zone. Much of it is below current sea level.

    In 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management launched the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Program, which contributes to research to provide a better estimate for future sea level rise on the Dutch coast. The Netherlands can thus be an example for water management in the 21st century.

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  • Lava Flow

    30 september 2021

    Human influence on earth's climate is ultimately only small when a volcano starts spewing.

    In the past, civilizations has been destroyed by climate change, epidemics, wars and population migrations.

    Menselijke invloed op het klimaat van de aarde is uiteindelijk maar nietig als een vulkaan gaat spuwen.

    In het verleden zijn beschavingen na verloop van tijd weer ten onder gegaan door klimaatverandering, epidemieën, oorlogen en volksmigraties.




    In 79 AD, one of the greatest natural disasters of ancient times occurred. The top of the volcanic Mount Vesuvius exploded with a devastating bang, and in just under twenty-four hours, the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were buried under a thick layer of ash, pumice, mud and lava.

    At least 70 underwater volcanoes in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Strait of Sicily could trigger a tremendous tsunami when they should errupt. 

    Japan is still recovering from the massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011, caused by the sudden horizontal and vertical thrusting of the Pacific Plate.

    Last January, the active volcano Semeru erupted again on the Indonesian island of Java, spewing a plume of ash and steam for miles into the air. Mount Etna of Italy has also been experiencing a busy season this year.

    And this week, red-hot lava from the Cumbre Vieja crater is plaguing the Canary Island of La Palma. On its way to the Atlantic Ocean, the lava destroyed roads, buildings and crops.
    Experts previously warned of possible explosions and release of toxic gases if the lava reached the sea. Thousands of people had therefore been evacuated. 

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  • Nieuwe schilderlessen van Anneke

    27 september 2021

    Het mag weer! Samen schilderen. Kom je ook?


    In november op donderdag en/of vrijdagochtend 9.30-12.00 uur. 

    Meer informatie:


    Nieuw voor de jeugd! 

    WORKSHOP TWEELUIK SCHILDEREN : schilder de ander

    Dorpshuis in Maarn op zaterdag 20 november 13.30 – 16.00 uur.

    Meer informatie:



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